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Jewelry Care and Maintenance Guidelines

Your Diamond Lab jewelry pieces are meticulously crafted with the intention to last for generations. The longevity of these stunning pieces heavily relies on the care they receive. By following these jewelry care recommendations, you can ensure that your beloved pieces will retain their shine, charm, and value for many years to come.

Appropriate Wearing Practices

Jewelry, despite its captivating beauty, is not invincible. It’s crucial to remember that your precious adornments are meant for embellishment, not endurance tests. How you maintain and protect your precious pieces will directly influence their longevity. Here are some useful tips on wearing your jewelry appropriately:


  • Remove Jewelry During Laborious Tasks – While engaging in manual chores, it’s best to keep your jewelry aside. This step will save your adornments from potential physical damage and unwanted contact with chemicals or detergents. Such tasks may include cooking, gardening, house cleaning, shifting furniture, or other such activities.

  • Adorn Jewelry After Applying Cosmetics – Makeup, hair sprays, perfumes, and creams often carry chemicals that may harm your jewelry or lead to an undesirable accumulation over time. It is advisable to wear your jewelry post the application of these substances to minimize exposure and possible damage.

  • Avoid Wearing Jewelry in Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs – The chlorine present in pool or spa water can interact with the metals in your jewelry, causing discoloration and possibly even affecting their structural integrity. Hence, it’s wise to take off your jewelry before stepping into a pool or spa.

  • Keep Jewelry Away During Contact Sports – Physical contact during sports can potentially damage your jewelry, as well as cause injury to those participating. Always remember to remove all jewelry before the game begins.

  • Store Jewelry Carefully When Not In Use – When you’re not adorning your beautiful pieces, store them carefully. Try to prevent your jewelry from coming in contact with other pieces, especially diamonds, as they can scratch almost anything, including other diamonds.

By adhering to these guidelines, your Diamond Lab pieces will remain as dazzling and cherished as the day you first beheld them.

cleaning and regular maintenance
Cleaning and Regular Maintenance
cleaning and regular maintenance

Just as a vehicle requires timely servicing, so too does your jewelry. Regular maintenance checks for loose gemstones, worn-out prongs, or other repair-related issues are highly recommended. An annual inspection, followed by a thorough polish and refurbishment conducted by a professional jeweler, can keep your pieces in optimal condition for enduring wear. 

In due course, your rings might accumulate residues from cosmetics, lotions, cleaning solutions, or any other substances your hands come into contact with. This build-up, particularly around and beneath the stones, can affect the piece’s appearance. To provide your ring with a profound clean, you can utilize a gentle soap (dish soap is quite effective as it helps dissolve greasy deposits that can cause diamonds to look hazy or dull). 

Combine this soap with warm water and employ a soft toothbrush to clean. Allow your ring to soak for approximately 10-20 minutes, depending upon necessity, and subsequently scrub it gently under warm flowing water with the toothbrush. Pay particular attention to the underside of the diamond, where residues are more likely to accumulate. 

By taking these steps, you can ensure that your Diamond Lab jewelry retains its original sparkle and charm for an extended period of time.

cleaning and regular maintenance
The Art of Storing Jewelry

Appropriate storage is critical in maintaining the condition of your jewelry and protecting it from scratches and tarnishing over time. Humidity plays a significant role in accelerating the tarnishing process; therefore, it’s vital to store your jewelry in a dry environment. If your jewelry is displayed openly, consider using a dehumidifier to reduce the room’s relative humidity.

To prevent your jewelry from getting entangled or scratched, it’s advised to store different types of jewelry in separate compartments. Given the remarkable hardness of diamonds, it is particularly important to store your diamond pieces away from other jewelry items to avoid scratching softer gems. Additionally, wrapping your diamond adornments in soft cloths can help safeguard them from potential damage.

By adhering to these storage techniques, your Diamond Lab jewelry will retain its splendor, staying as magnificent as when you first acquired it.

Absolutely, here are additional paragraphs based on the points you’ve chosen:

understading specific gem care
Understanding Specific Gem Care

It’s crucial to appreciate that different gemstones require distinct care techniques. Delicate gems such as pearls, emeralds and opals demand more meticulous attention compared to resilient stones like diamonds. Always familiarize yourself with the unique care requirements of each gemstone in your Diamond Lab jewelry collection to ensure their optimal maintenance and lasting radiance.

Avoiding Extreme Temperature

Some gemstones may be susceptible to damage under drastic temperature changes, potentially leading to cracking. To keep your jewelry in prime condition, it’s recommended to avoid exposing your precious pieces to extreme temperature fluctuations. This includes avoiding direct sunlight for extended periods or leaving jewelry in excessively cold environments.

Professional Cleaning

Regular home cleaning is an integral part of jewelry care, but occasional professional cleanings also hold significant importance. A professional clean not only reinstates the sparkle of your jewelry but also allows for early identification and rectification of any repair needs. At Diamond Lab, we advise periodic professional cleaning depending on the type of jewelry and its frequency of use.

Travel Tips

Traveling can be tough on jewelry. When on the move, ensure your jewelry is securely packed to avoid damage. Consider using a travel-sized jewelry case with individual compartments for different pieces to prevent them from getting tangled or scratched. Also, never leave your jewelry in checked baggage – always keep it in your hand-carry to avoid potential loss.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure your Diamond Lab jewelry remains a cherished part of your personal collection for generations.