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Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Diamond Lab operates out of Athens, Greece. Our jewelry is crafted in-house at our family-owned workshop, ensuring top-notch quality and sustainability. We collaborate with a range of suppliers worldwide, all carefully chosen for their alignment with our commitment to responsible, sustainable practices.

Absolutely, we have certified gemologists as part of our staff at Diamond Lab. Additionally, we maintain a professional relationship with local gemological workshops to provide our customers with top-tier service.

We are a family-owned business, steeped in a rich legacy spanning three generations of jewelers. Our family name is Makriadis, and Diamond Lab is our platform offering a tailored experience in jewelry creation.

All of our jewelry at Diamond Lab is meticulously crafted to order in our family-run workshop in Greece. We uphold high standards of quality, tradition, and sustainability in each piece we produce.

At Diamond Lab, we place a high emphasis on ethics and sustainability. Our materials are responsibly sourced from suppliers with whom we’ve built decades of trust and shared values. All our partners adhere to the principles of fair working conditions and environmental responsibility.

Over the past five decades, we’ve built a reputation as a premier diamond and engagement ring manufacturer in Greece and Europe. Our sister brand, Makriadis Jewelry, is renowned for its Ancient Greek inspired jewels, crafted using traditional techniques. We’ve received hundreds of 5-star reviews online from satisfied clients, validating our commitment to quality and service.

While Diamond Lab has been operational online since 2023, our parent brand, Makriadis Jewelry, has had a strong online presence since 2012. Our family has been in the jewelry business since 1973, passing down expertise and passion through generations.

About the Jewelry

Yes, you can. We have two physical stores where you are welcome to see our products firsthand. Please get in touch with us via email or phone call to make sure we have your desired product available for viewing. Remember, we aim to be as sustainable as possible, which means our jewelry pieces are usually not mass-produced but custom-made.

Absolutely. If you’ve got an idea, we’ve got the design team. Share your ideas with our bespoke team to create a unique piece of jewelry. All you need to do is send us an inquiry with your concept and images, if available. One of our designers will get in touch with you to discuss your design and provide you with a quote.

Once you approve the quote, we will source your chosen center stones and start crafting your piece in our workshop. The duration for this will be communicated to you and will depend on the complexity of the design. And remember, even if you love one of our pieces but wish for a slight alteration – that’s also possible! Simply get in touch with our specialists to find the perfect fit.

Yes. Our jewelry is made from alloyed precious metals to increase their strength and enhance their color. Each piece is hallmarked with three stamps – our unique workshop code (Ωι.27), a laser-engraved Diamond Lab logo, and a metal purity indicator.

We prefer 18k gold for its optimal balance of color, quality, and durability. While 14k or 10k gold jewelry has a lower percentage of pure gold and thus a fainter color, 24k gold, though purer and more vibrant, is more prone to damage due to its natural malleability.

Definitely. You can add any message you want to your ring free of charge. Be advised, however, that engraved rings are non-returnable. Also, if your ring needs resizing, the engraving will have to be remade.

Diamonds graded by GIA, GCAL, HRD, and IGI are laser inscribed on the girdle with an identification number and/or a unique symbol. This is a convenient way to identify a diamond, offering peace of mind when making a diamond purchase.

Yes, Diamond Lab offers a wide collection of stunning lab-created diamonds. They possess the same physical, optical, and chemical characteristics as our natural diamonds.

Yes. Lab-created diamonds share the same properties as natural diamonds, including their fire, scintillation, and sparkle. They are, indeed, real diamonds and nearly indistinguishable from natural diamonds with the naked eye.

The nature of the accent diamonds on your ring depends on the type of the center diamond. If the center stone is lab-created, the accent stones will likely be lab-created as well. Similarly, if the center stone is natural, the accent diamonds will also be natural.

Of course. If you’d like to see our rings from a different perspective or compare multiple rings, feel free to send us an email.

Yes, all the diamonds listed on our website are available for purchase.

Yes, they might slightly turn yellow over time. To provide 18k white gold with its bright white color, it is usually plated with rhodium. Over time, this plating may wear off, revealing the true color of white gold – a mildly buttery off-white. However, this can be restored by reapplying the rhodium plating.

Yes, all our 18k white gold pieces are rhodium-plated to provide a brilliant, white shine. If you prefer the natural warm tones of un-plated 18k white gold, please contact us. We can adjust this during your order placement.

Conflict-free diamonds are those mined and procured without causing human rights abuses, sparking civil wars, exploiting child labor, invoking violence, or inflicting environmental damage.

Placing an order

Our comprehensive Ring Size Guide provides several techniques to help you ascertain your ring size (or the ring size of a significant other). Please refer to this guide for a detailed look at the available options. Ring Size Guide

Diamond Lab graciously accepts all major credit cards from the EU, US, Canada, UK, and Australia, along with bank wire payments, Apple Pay, Klarna, Google Pay, and PayPal. Discover our full range of payment options here. Payment Methods

Each of our products includes a 24% VAT, which is the current tax rate in Greece. If you reside within the European Union, no further charges, taxes, or import fees will be imposed. However, for customers located outside of the EU, import duties may apply, which are governed by your country’s jurisdiction and not the responsibility of Diamond Lab.

Absolutely, we provide complimentary worldwide shipping for all orders, and your delivery is completely insured.

Since we customize each piece of jewelry specifically for you, your purchase might take up to 3-4 weeks to be prepared for shipping. Shipping durations vary based on location, with details provided upon dispatch.

Yes, we can expedite the crafting process in our workshops for a faster delivery, although this is subject to current workloads and the intricacy of your design. An additional fee applies for this service.

Your order will arrive with the relevant paperwork, including your receipt, jewelry warranty, and the certificate for your diamond or gemstone.

Absolutely! Please get in touch with our team with your desired delivery date, and we’ll strive to fulfill your request.

We aim to deliver the best value by offering our socially conscious jewelry at the most competitive prices. Hence, we are unable to provide additional discounts or negotiate prices.

Every piece of our jewelry arrives in stylish and recyclable packaging, with meticulous attention to detail. There’s no need for additional gift wrapping!

Changes or cancellations are only feasible before your order enters production, typically within 36 hours from order confirmation. Please contact us promptly at [email protected] if alterations are needed.

Due to the bespoke nature of our products, we can only accept returns for unworn necklaces and bracelets, provided they are in their original packaging and in perfect condition. Specific guidelines apply for rings and customized orders.

We understand that determining ring size can be tricky, particularly for surprise proposals. This is why your initial resize is free of charge. It’s important to note that certain designs may not be resizable and will require a remake. For further information, please contact us or read our Terms and Conditions.