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Fine Jewelry

Just as any prized possession, jewelry too is susceptible to the wear and tear of daily activities. Whether your approach to wearing jewelry is gentle or robust, over time, certain aspects may be affected. A prong might loosen, metal may accrue scratches, or a heavy blow could result in a dent in your ring. These incidents are not reflective of poor craftsmanship but are a natural part of the lifecycle of well-loved jewelry. While Diamond Lab values your jewelry’s longevity, please note that repair costs related to accidental damage are not covered.

For a comprehensive guide on the proper care for your Diamond Lab fine jewelry, please refer to our Cleaning & Care instructions
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Diamond Shape
Diamond Shape

Though not one of the 4C's, the diamond's shape, along with its carat size, is a highly personal aspect of the selection process. The diamond shape reflects individual preferences and style. Round brilliant is the most popular shape for engagement rings, offering the highest level of sparkle and brilliance among all diamond shapes and providing a softer appearance on your finger. The princess cut, the second most popular shape, lends a more architectural feel to your ring. Your choice of diamond shape may vary based on personal taste, budget, jewelry style, diamond quality, and other factors. Other diamond shapes include pear, oval, emerald, and cushion cuts.

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Carat: The Most Noticeable C - Size
Inspection and Cleaning

We believe that each piece of jewelry deserves exceptional care. Therefore, we offer inspection and cleaning services for jewelry, even those not purchased from Diamond Lab. Our jewelry experts will inspect your jewelry and determine the best cleaning method based on its material.

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Ring-size Adjustment

We understand that, despite our best efforts, a ring may not always fit perfectly. For newly purchased rings, we provide size exchanges or complimentary resizing services. More complex designs or rings that require significant size changes may incur a fee. For worn rings, a standard service charge applies for ring size modifications.

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daimond color
Chain-length Reduction

Should a newly purchased chain prove too long, we'll professionally adjust it to your preferred length at no cost. For already-owned chains, necklaces, or bracelets, we can provide a quote for adjustment services.

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diamond clarity

mmortalize your sentiments with personalized messages, silhouettes, or unique designs engraved on your jewelry. Our skilled craftsmen at the Diamond Lab Atelier perform both hand and laser engravings. While simple engravings are complimentary, more elaborate requests may incur a fee, calculated based on the complexity of the design.

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diamond clarity
Custom Jewelry and Redesign

Have you envisioned a unique jewelry piece or considered breathing new life into a beloved family heirloom? Our master goldsmiths at the Diamond Lab Atelier are excited to collaborate with you on your vision. We're here to guide you in reshaping outdated or ill-fitting pieces and transforming them into contemporary creations that reflect your style and taste.

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diamond clarity
Replacement Value and Appraisals

If you require an appraisal, we can arrange for independent experts to evaluate your jewelry. Their professional assessments provide a solid basis for insurance decisions. Please note, a fee applies for this service.

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Our Commitment to You

As a family-run jewelry workshop since 1973, Diamond Lab carries forward a legacy of exceptional service, meticulous craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment to our customers. We’re not just skilled artisans, but also trusted caretakers for your cherished pieces, handling each with the care it deserves. Our decades-long journey in this industry has honed our understanding of precious materials, allowing us to offer a seamless and worry-free repair process.
We’re proud to operate with complete transparency. Before initiating any repair work, we provide detailed cost estimates, helping you make an informed decision that suits your needs and expectations.
Restoring the physical beauty of your jewelry is our tangible task, but we go a step further. We understand the profound memories and sentiments your pieces carry and commit to reinstating the brilliance they represent.
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