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In 1973, Thanasis Makriadis, a Greek immigrant from Constantinople, established Makriadis Jewelry. Five decades later, in 2023, we proudly continue his legacy with the creation of Diamond Lab, a third-generation family-owned jewelry boutique located in the historic heart of Athens, Greece. As gemologists and skilled artisans, we handcraft each piece in our Athens workshop, blending time-honored techniques with innovative, eco-friendly practices.

Our Craft

We specialize in custom-made jewelry designed to endure, with a focus on engagement rings and diamond jewelry. Our website offers a revolutionary method for customizing your own engagement ring: simply select a setting and choose a diamond from our inventory, either natural or lab-grown.

Makriadis.com - Greek Traditions Reimagined

In addition to Diamond Lab, we are proud to present our sister website, Makriadis.com, which offers an exquisite collection of Greek-inspired fine jewelry. Drawing from the rich tradition of Greek jewelry craftsmanship, each piece on Makriadis.com showcases the intricate beauty and timeless elegance of classic Greek design. By reimagining these ancestral techniques and styles like hammering, we strive to create heirloom-quality jewelry that resonates with modern sensibilities and connects our customers to the vibrant history of our homeland.

Fair Pricing

By skipping the middleman, we're able to offer competitive prices that are up to 60% lower than high street jewelers. Our commitment to fair pricing ensures that you receive exceptional value without compromising on quality or craftsmanship.

Global Ambitions

Through our website, diamondlabgr.com, we're striving to enter the global market, provide our expert services to clients around the world and educate our clients about sustainable jewelry.

Sustainability, Ethics And Transparency

At Makriadis Diamond Lab, we are deeply committed to transparency, ethical sourcing, and sustainable practices. As advocates for diamond mining communities, global societies, and the Earth, we strive to modernize an outdated industry and create a more socially responsible diamond trade. We pledge to use ethically sourced materials to craft your conflict-free jewelry, providing a completely traceable and sustainable experience with fair processes that protect our staff and consumers.

Our Values

We always stay true to our values, choosing to:

  • Promote conscious living
  • Work whenever possible with sustainable, ethical, and high-quality materials
  • Protect and heal the planet
  • Work in a small team, selecting suppliers and manufacturers who guarantee fair wages and excellent working conditions
  • Love, Connection, and Inclusion

We love LOVE. We love CONNECTION. We love the PLANET and its PEOPLE. At Diamond Lab, we embrace a diverse and inclusive community. Regardless of age, race, story, or beliefs, everyone is a valued member of our community. We stand for inclusion and equality, creating a space that is free from hatred.

Visit Us

We invite you to visit our boutique in Athens or explore our exquisite collection online. Experience the warmth and dedication of our team as we help you celebrate life's most precious moments with our exceptional, sustainable jewelry.